Monday, July 31, 2017

Starstruck in Chile

I've been a stargazer for years.  In fact, there's even a star up there with my name on it! 
Starzaing in Chile. Photographs by Janie Robinson, Travel Writer

Lovely La Serena, Chile. Photographs by Janie Robinson, Travel Writer

Join Janie Robinson where the Andes Mountains tickle the starry skies, in her latest story in Toronto Sun Travel.  Visit lovely La Serena too... a seaside delight snuggled at the feet of the Elqui Valley and dipping its sandy toes in the the sparkling Pacific Ocean.  Here's a link to the online version in case these pages are too small to read.  Starstruck by Chile's Elqui Valley

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Go Fish!

Yummy fresh Georgian Bay fish is finding its way to lots of Toronto restaurants and fishmongers these days.  But for that true ‘take me to cottage country’ taste of summer, head to 3 of Janie Robinson's favourite Georgian Bay fish restaurants.  Getting there is half the fun!
Sail past the pretty little lighthouse at Snug Harbour to catch some of Gilly’s fresh fish dinners. Brian Quinn photo

Gilly’s (Snug Harbour) If you’ve never been to Snug Harbour (just north of Parry Sound), you’re in for a snuggly Georgian Bay surprise, from its pretty little lighthouse to one of the best fresh fish dinners I’ve ever had – anywhere!   “Most of our whitefish and lake trout come from Billy Karwaski’s boat, Lil’Snick, in the Bing Inlet area”, says Sarah Gilbert of their ‘From the waters of Georgian Bay to you’ menu.  And do they ever deliver, going through over 5,000 kilograms of locally-caught whitefish alone in one season.  “We want the quaintness of our place to come across and we treat everybody the same, whether it’s a family camping at nearby Killbear Provincial Park or a millionaire coming in from his yacht,” says Gilbert of their snug little first-come-first-served family-run restaurant.   (

Craganmor Point Resort guests can have their catch-of-the-day cooked up by the chef.   Photo courtesy Craganmor Point Resort 
Craganmor Point Resort (McLaren Island) “If you want to go where the locals go - go to Craganmor” says Natalie Overend of their boat-access-only restaurant and resort on McLaren Island.  Pan-fried pickerel is the home-made house favourite.  Resort guests can have their own catch-of-the-day cooked up by the chef.  To get to the island restaurant, take a scenic 15-minute water taxi ride from Georgian Bay Marina in Parry Sound Harbour.  Or catch the M.V. Chippewa, leaving from the Town Dock for Sunday lunch and Tuesday dinner at the family-owned Craganmor Point Resort this July and August. (

A Herbert Fisheries boat heading back into Killarney with their fresh Georgian Bay catch of day. Photo courtesy Herbert Fisheries.
Herbert Fisheries Fresh Fish & Chips (Killarney) Fresh whitefish and lake trout with a “sorry, it’s a secret recipe” batter have Georgian Bay boaters, cottage-country crowds and Killarney Provincial Park campers heading to the off-the-beaten-path village of Killarney.  For over 30 years, Herbert Fisheries has been serving up some the freshest fish you’re going to find along the shores of Georgian Bay at this popular family-run fish & chips stop.  But I’m going to miss their familiar old red and white bus, now that Herbert Fisheries has a new restaurant serving up their Killarney’s “World Famous” fish & chips on the government wharf.  (
I’m going to miss the old red and white bus now that Herbert Fisheries has a new restaurant serving up their 
Killarney’s “World Famous” fish & chips on the government wharf.  Brian Quinn photo. 
Boating tip - Be sure to pick up the newest edition of the PORTS Cruising Guide to Georgian Bay and the North Channel.   Love these guides!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Three good cries in Prince Edward Island

Dressing up as Anne in Prince Edward Island. Photograph of Janie Robinson, Travel Writer
Janie Robinson loves all things "Anne" and couldn't wait to dress up as Canada's iconic orphan at Shop & Play at Borden-Carleton, P.E.I.
No doubt about it, I love a good cry.  And I love Anne of Green Gables! So this summer's "tug at the heartstrings" musicals in Charlottetown rate a soggy three-tissue day on my sentimental cry-meter. Check out Janie Robinson's latest Toronto Sun travel story Three good cries in P.E.I.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Irrepressible Irish spirit

Cobh,Ireland Page 46. Travel story by Janie Robinson, Travel WriterCobh,Ireland Page 47. Travel story by Janie Robinson, Travel Writer

Cobh,Ireland Page 48. Travel story by Janie Robinson, Travel WriterCobh,Ireland Page 49. Travel story by Janie Robinson, Travel Writer

Cruise into Cobh and plunge into the spine-chilling, seafaring stories of Ireland's Ancient East in Janie Robinson's latest travel story on pages 46 to 49 of Cruise & Travel Lifestyles Magazine.